Forget About IT® Open Source Code
The code below is existing GPL code that we have modified to suit our own particular set of circumstances, or have additional code added which, for whatever reason, has not been adopted by the original authors, or has no other home for it to be published on. For example Zarafa (Z-Push) insists on transferring copyright to the project, but since we do not own some of the original code, we cannot assign copyright to them. It is not ours to assign. The resultant code, published below, is also released as GPL, with all copyright notices preserved. We hope it is of use.
Marco van Beek, Managing Director, Forget About IT® Ltd.
contagged (notes)
 - contagged-0.7.1_fabit-1.tar.gz
phpcaldav (notes)
 - phpcaldav-2.31_fabit-3.tar.gz
 - phpcaldav-2.31_fabit-5.tar.gz
smbwebclient (notes)
 - smbwebclient-v2.9+fabit1.php.gz
z-push (notes)
 - z-push-1.3_fabit-1.tar.gz
 - z-push-1.3_fabit-2.tar.gz
 - z-push-1.3_fabit-3.tar.gz
 - z-push-1.3_fabit-4.tar.gz